Naude Heunis


I got this shot as we were on our way to the open plains in the Mara Triangle. We were driving past the elephant as the sun started to set and the rays were so beautiful that I had to stop and get a shot. Luckily, the elephant was walking in our direction and I lined him up with the rays in the background. I shot it at f/5.6 so that the background wasn’t too out of focus and the rays and sky had some detail to it. I used a Canon 1 DX Mii with a 70 200 mm lens, a shutter speed of 1/2000, and an ISO of 400.

When it comes to wildlife photography, there is no point in just taking a million photos and hoping for the best. Look at your surroundings and how you can use it to make your image better. Is the light looking good or should I wait? If you spend enough time out there, you can predict where the animal will move, enabling you to ready yourself for the shot you have in mind.


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Maasai Mara Safari Special Offer

Maasai Mara Safari Special Offer